I am Masters slave

My journey into the world of BDSM. Good, bad and lots of the ugly

Remember when my heart was always jumping out of my chest to show the world how much she loved and cherished her Master.


Remember when over 7 years ago there was an excitement and a fear of and for each other in a good way.

Remember when that text came and we were both oh so excited to see it was from You.

Remember when I was good enough for You.

Remember when You responded to texts and didn’t blame me for everything.

Remember when we talked in the phone everyday, not only expected but demanded we talk everyday at noon.

Remember when You would call me your good girl, your sexy slut, and a slew of other enduring loving names.

Remember when You told me how proud You were of me or called me your good girl.

Remember when I didn’t have to pry something nice from your cold dead lips.

Remember when Master read your blog and cared if You were writing or not.

Remember when Master had his own folder and would leave notes for You to find.

Remember when Master wanted You to learn and explore this lifestyle. Knowledge is power.

Remember when You knew there was nothing your Master would ever use against You.

Remember when You we’re allowed to be You. Flaws and all and some of them Master thought were even cute.

Remember when You would never hurt me on purpose, now it is a daily task to see how badly can I hurt her and what will she take before giving up.

Remember when your mental health struggles were off limits in your Master/slave relationship.

Remember when Master would never have used mental mind fuckery against You.

When being a slave meant something and was honored & cherished by your Master.

Remember when Master actually cared about your mental health and talked about it to overcome, instead of wanting to know about it to use it against You in punishments.

Remember when punishments came with conversations as to why, and ways to improve.

Remember when You knew why You were being punished for something that happened in real time. Instead of something that happened 13 weeks ago with no explanation. 👀

Remember when You didn’t cry yourself to sleep nightly.

Remember when You would never have thought of ending life, and now You can’t wait for it to end.

Remember when You we’re excited about tomorrows, now You just dread them.

Remember when You weren’t stood up 6 times in a row, and then 4 times so far again.

Remember when You would tell me to bring 3 of my favorite sexual toys/enhancements/accessories and 3 things I think would be Masters favorite things.

Master wanted sexy picts if You and wanted to see your panties everyday.

Remember when your Master wanted You and couldn’t wait to get You naked in the shower to bath and wash You, then fuck You in the shower to start off the marathon night of sexual exploring and pleasure for both.

Remember when your Master had sex with You without wearing a blindfold.

Remember when if your Master took picts of You, You knew beforehand & he would share them with You. Now You don’t know what he is doing with film or picts but have not consented to either.

Remember when your Master cared when You texted and would text right back, now your lucky if You hear back at all.

Remember when Master made plans and he actually followed through with them.

Remember when your Master didn’t take You life as a game and wanted to see how long it going to take before You end the game permanently.

Remember when You we’re happy and didn’t pray daily to not wake up tomorrow.

Remember when You would get flowers or texts for no reason at all. Never went a Valentine’s Day without….. until this year

Remember when your Master cared.

Remember when You didn’t think of ways to end life as a way to pass your days that you’re being ignored and silenced by your Master.

Remember when You we’re happy waking up for another day to serve your Master.

Remember when You didn’t want to die

I remember even the smallest of things.
Remember when’s turn into what if’s.
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Nothing has changed with waiting. Always waiting. That pose I’ve got down and mastered it for Master. My master likes when i shut my mouth, but not physically. Leave that open to be used. At least there is one consistent thing in our dynamic.

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Controlled by external circumstances

My Master knows by now uncertainty makes me uncomfortable (or at least i would hope he knows that). I hate games where the risk of winning or losing is based on chance alone and I can’t do anything to modify the outcome. For me, uncertainty is anxiety.

For a long time I saw my relationship with Master as a source of uncertainty because I did not know how it would fare through hard or busy times. Do the Master and slave want the same thing out of the relationship/dynamic?

For 7 years as Master & slave I thought were solid. though we’ve been through so much in these 7 years. We were each other’s person. Each other’s person.

Well, at least that’s what I thought.

Master is my person, I am one of many of Masters person(s).

Good times disguised as bad times.

good times 

and bad times 

are so hard 

to tell apart.


feeling insignificant

makes me 

do my best.


feeling powerful

sucks out 

all my energy.

they say

happy feelings 

transforms everything.

i disagree.

trying to feel happier

matters so much more we

than actually feeling happy.

once i lose the will,

i lose all ways…

My Home Depot trip 😈

via My Home Depot trip 😈



Well it’s been a long long time since I’ve written and so much has happened in my life.

My work closed down and now am on a different path for work.

I haven’t seen my Master in so long and it’s the holidays again I feel alone. I feel depressed, I feel empty.

My workouts stopped not long after I lost my job because I didn’t know if I could still afford them.

I’ve let myself and my home go as if I don’t care. The holidays are hard when I’m alone.

I do try and pep myself up just for work, but it seems that gets harder and harder everyday.

What has changed is my Master has been texting me in the morning first lately.

Yes, it is strange because he’s not like that. However I do love it. Master has talked to me in the phone a few times lately.

I remember when we talked everyday and I was happy. It is few and far between anymore, but I love the fact Master is trying.

Alone in my head 


Some days I just feel like giving up.

Some days I don’t even want to wake up. 

Some days it’s everything I have in me to just get up for the day. 

Some days I know I don’t matter. 

I feel as if it’s all failed. 

Everything I’ve tried has not worked, everything in my soul was given away and I have nothing left for me. 

Nothing to wake up to. 

Nothing to look forward to. 

Nothing when I reach out to hug someone. 

Nothing but shattered and broken without a reason to look up and see what’s ahead 



This week has been trials and tribulations. 

Master has question me this week on my dedication to him. About my collar and why I was and am not wearing this. 

I had take it off. For a few reasons. I had surgery and it needed to come off for that as the surgery was on my chest and I could not have it on. Why I did not put it back on was I was healing and secondly was Master did not come and check on me at all after surgery and I said some not so nice things out of anger and frustration of what a Master should have done. A Master is supposed to take care of his slave. Yet I couldn’t even live my hands above my head. I couldn’t do so much on my own and was asking people for help and my Master was not there. These are things my Master should have been there for. 

After the healing process, I didn’t feel it was warranted to put the collar back on myself. If my Master wanted it back on he would be putting it back on. 

Master and I have talked and decided to start fresh and new. I really do have high hopes this time. That he will be present, that he will be a present Master and not a phone Master. 

I know Master has high hope of me as well. 

I have waited patiently almost a year for my Master to be present in my life and to let me into his. 

I think I have proven myself and how long is long wnough that You will let me in? 

Never there when You were needed


You know Michael. I’ve done everything for You. I became everything You wanted, but didn’t really want. It really never was me was it hon? It was the control of me, my thoughts, my actions making sure they were all about You. I allowed that and You were the hardest person to love. Many times you’ve not been there when I needed You, you’ve brushed me off or pushed me to the side like it didn’t matter. “I’ll just give her a reason and she will have to deal with it” type of relationship. I needed your help. I would go to hell and back to help You out with a sinus thing or not. All of the promises you’ve made and not kept. All of the happiness I thought we would have, but didn’t come through. No, I don’t regret You at all. What I do regret is I allowed it to happen for far to long. No cares about if I’m ok right now. You couldn’t even get out of your car with my hands full and dropping shit to help me into my house. It’s like You didn’t care and it was a burden that You even had to pick me up. Well I’ll not make that mistake in burdening You with tasks You should have been happy to help your slave through, because after all she gives and gave You everything, and would have been nice to have a Master that saw this and cared enough to make HIS slave feel worthy of your time. You created this, You created me, but stopped teaching so I was left with bumbling through this alone and still trying to maintain with You as the main focus. I tried and tried and I’m just tired now. I don’t know where else to go or what else to do, but I know I can’t take your ignoring of us anymore. I mean more to myself than that. Maybe this was supposed to happen, we were supposed to meet. You were brought in to show me that there is not always good intentions in all relationships and there is not romance and caring in all relationships. It is not a two way street in all relationships. I loved You more than I loved me, and You didn’t love me at all. 

I don’t regret You 

I don’t regret You             

Even when my mind takes me to the place of what might have been and it hurts to think about it. 

But I don’t regret You 

You showed me that what might have been is just an alternate universe of meant to be in another life, in an alternate universe I would’ve been the one you chose. Which makes me wistful

But I don’t regret You 

I have read enough fanfiction to know that there are infinite parallel universes and that in one universe we would never have met. 

So no, I don’t regret You                                          

You came into my life like the quietest of storms. How was I to know you would blow past my walls and with such ease. It’s infuriating to say the least. 

But I don’t regret You                                               

You make me feel safe, but I’m never comfortable with you. I’m constantly reevaluating long-held beliefs. You challenge me to grow, to confront things that make me afraid it’s exhausting as all hell. 

But I don’t regret You.                                            

You’ve shown me exactly how perspectives can change when you’re in the thick of the situation. I should be angry, and sometimes I am whatwas said before and what I was being told in the present didn’t add up. 

Again, I don’t regret You 

It’s not that you lied, you’ve never lied to me, you just changed your mind, and my feelings are still playing catch up to what my rational mind already knows. 

But still, I’ll never regret You


It means we start new 


Today is a new day in a new year. 

My new story has begun and I have 365 pages to fill how I want to. 

Master was not around to ring in the new year with me. I know shocker right!!!  Master is never around and I don’t want and didn’t want to start like this. 

This is a new year and we can make it what we want it. We can make it ours, but alas that is not how it was to start. 

Nope.. such is my life but this will round out this year to start a new for the next. I’ve thought long and hard and next year cannot be like this one. ~Master

Is my paradise a parking lot? 


Finally last night I got to see Master after over 2 months. 

Master made me wait for him in a cold parking lot for 33 minutes before he showed up with no explanation other than hold on or 1 sec. I know it’s Masters way of showing me who had the control here and if he chooses to make me wait, then I must wait for him. 

I looked back through dates and the last time I saw Master was when he went to an appt with me in November 9th. 

No time 

Master has no time for his sexy slut. It’s been over 3 months since Master and I have had any kind of physical intimacy. 

It’s been 2 months or more since I have seen Master. This leaves his slave waiting, wondering and self-doubting. 

This is some sort of mind game or test I have been ran through. 

My pussy yearns to be touched. My body wants to me marked, my mind needs to be fed. 

This is all on def ears. I guess my screams in my head and what I say has no meaning what-so-ever. 

When do I get to become the physical slave You say is your 1 and only? 

Submissive’s Prayer

The submissive’s Prayer
Allow me the strength to answer questions I can’t fathom.

Allow me the spirit to know His needs.

Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace.

Allow me the love to show Him myself.

Allow me the tenderness to comfort Him.

Allow me the light to show us the way.

Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Him.

Let me be able to show Him each day my love of my service to Him.

Let me open myself up to completely belong to Him.

Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a woman.

Let me learn to please Him, beyond myself.

Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely.

Give me the strength to please us both.

Permit me to love myself, in loving Him.

For it is my greatest wish, my highest power to make His life

complete, as He makes mine.

Nothing is ever done without thinking 3 moves ahead


My Master I’ve learned does not do anything without thinking ahead. Wether it comes to his family, his work or his slave(s). I know showing me an old slaves texts and how she misses him. Opening the door for the contact to begin again. 

She had your tattoos, she has your heart. She was your favorite and I’ve always felt like I had to compete or live up to someone else instead of making us about us. 

I fell that since she has come back into your life with You opening that door You have changed. 

Yes there is insecurity for sure. Yes there are questions from me. This is both of our faults as we do not spend enough time together and there is no priority of me in your life. 

I know You’ve said she lied in your relationship and can’t trust her and I have never lied to You. However somehow You still hold her in much higher regard. 

I wish it were different, but its plain to see it is the way it is. I can not compete with her crapply done tattoo. No matter how horrible it was done, it was still done for You. She is your property and the small message You sent me of your conversation. 

I wonder if You treat her or talk to like you do me?  You must with the few things I’ve seen. I wish it were different, but it’s not. 

Protect her from all


Yesterday was kind of crappy, but ended very well. 

It’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve seen Master and for some reason out of the blue Master wants me to download an app so he can follow my every move. This is an odd request so I question why? Why now? Why now before? No answers other than because Master asked. This does not happy me comfortable. Does Master not trust me?  Where is this all coming from. I ask of the same and Master replies “it’s not tit for tat” Master is right it’s not tit for tat. I’m the one struggling here not Master, but yet he won’t let me feel the comfort and peace in knowing the same if him. After all this time I still don’t know who my Master is. I’m learning his mannerisms, like when he doesn’t want to answer something he just acts like it was never asked or just doesn’t text back. I get that a lot. Silence has become a great friend of mine. 

I talked to Master on the phone for a few mins about this and Master does not see my point in this. At a time where I don’t even know where we’re going You ask this if me. Why?  I already tell You and ask permission if You. I let every wall and guard down. Which sadly are building back up. By now Master should have opened up more to me. 

Master sends me this: 

This set me off. I was enraged and didn’t care who knew at this point. Wtf would You send this to me. Fuck her and fuck your relationship with her. I’m not her and our relationship is not what you and she had in a relationship. My favorite part was the end with the “I miss You 😢” duck that butch and her missing him and her stupid text. Of course she would say that if she misses You and wants You. Like me she would do anything to have you back. So that didn’t get your point You say You were trying to make across. It just showed me You would use her to make me feel hurt. I wonder what the texts were like that I didn’t see. Did You tell her You miss her too? Do she text more, because You opened the door for her again in a woman’s mind. 

Really was this necessary?   I felt disrespected and as if my feeling don’t matter. If she is so much better than me, why aren’t You with her?  It’s seems pretty apparent she wants You and You hold her in such high regard You would text her to use against your current slave.  I ask master if he saw her more than he sees me and it was a yes, but sometimes not. When master is vague with his answers that usually means it’s something I don’t want to hear and he is trying to soften the blow. I didn’t want to talk anymore, I didn’t want to feel the hurt anymore. I just wanted it all shut out. 

I did as Master wanted and I hope that satisfies You.  I don’t know what else there is left for me to do for You. As You can track I do nothing. Work and home. But now You see when I’m home so that’s less contact You have to make with me after I get home there’s no need to hear “Master, I’m home”. You took somethings away from me by asking for that option on me. It doesn’t feel the same to tell You and I guess there’s no need for the wasted text time. Another way for me to feel Alienated from You. That’s what it feels like. 

The evening ended on a much better note and was happier than I’ve been in a long time. My bears won the Monday night football game against the Vikings. This was a huge game for us and Cutler was back as our QB and we needed this win. We did win and finally I had something to be happy about. 

Today Master was silent. No texts, just the silent treatment. After lunch I text Master to see about his day. He responds with the norm, “busy”.  

Master knows I have to take lunch by a certain time and asks me after my lunch and past the time I can take lunch he wanted to surprise me with lunch today. I appreciate that, but it didn’t happen.  

Much like our date night or our time together. Just never works out. 

I don’t know if I’m just on the defensive about everything since I’m feeling so alone and left out and in this alone. 

Today I ask Master to go to my holiday party with me for work. I already know something will be happening or it’s a maybe, but we’ll see and got informed Master will be on a trip. That was a surprise and news to me. 

I’m so lost right now, I don’t know what to do. My mind is racing and my heart is 💔 as I’m in a foreign place in my relationship with Master. This whole LS is foreign to me and I’ve tried so hard to go with the flow, but I’m standing in stagnant waters. No flow, no lifeline, no help. I’m sinking here within myself. All of it is foreign. I just don’t know what to do. 

I wish Master was more attentive, more aware of my feelings, more of a need for him to want to be there for me. “Just a little more time baby” 

I was just a woman 


When we met I didn’t know what I was getting into. Sure I have been a sub to a few before and knew that’s what I like as my role in a relationship in the bedroom. Outside of the bedroom was ok sometimes, but I was a strong independent woman who didn’t take shit from people. 

You sent me a message and I don’t think I responded quickly or with an outgoing message. You were persistent in your pursuit. You were not pushy, You didn’t demand anything of me or from me. You were so smooth and kind with your words. I figured talking wouldn’t hurt. Knowing we were different I figured You would be someone I can ask questions to, but nothing would come of us. 

We talked about D/s stuff. Our conversations turned into meeting for dinner. That first night You were clean shaven and smelt really good. You were not assertive or demanding even though You were a Dom. We had a wonderful dinner and the laughs were contagious. You made me feel comfortable. You made me feel like no one else was there. We talked for a long time that night, but not about sexual things. You somehow drew me in

Then came the conversations of being a Sir, but preferred being a Master. You made it so easy to ask questions, You were so available to me at that time. You made me question what I wanted. Made me believe that it takes a strong woman to be a good sub or slave. You opened my mind to new things and new ways of looking at them. Soon I was finding myself wanting to know more and more about You, about your chosen lifestyle. Why a Master, why a slave?  All of these things I couldn’t understand women did all just seemed to fit. You showered me with your attention. You made it a point to have dinners and lunches as well. You wooed me pretty hard giving me a lot of You and your time. 

Our first time together I was nervous and my anxiety was through the roof not knowing what to expect. The commands were new and I loved it. You took me into the shower and so lovingly washed me, You took care of me.  You demanded the submission I felt You deserved after opening my mind. You released me in a way. Several hours of talks and giving me your time. 

In that time I became your sub, then your slave to being collared by You. 

This has all changed. You don’t talk to me the way You used to. You certainly don’t give me anytime. There are no showers washing me as You want me washed. The words You used to real me in are few and far between anymore. 

You changed me into something I never thought I would ever become. Happily I might add. It took me a bit getting used to asking permission for everything. Eventually I succumbed to your commands and knew You were my Master. This was a special time for me, this was a first and very excited. You told me You would teach, guide and mold me to become the perfect slave, your perfect slave. You told me You would always be there when I needed You. 

Today, I don’t know where we are anymore. I wanted more from out and out of our relationship. I wanted the structure, I wanted to learn from You. I wanted You to guide me to become the best for You and only You. 

Today, the words are not the same. There is no time to spend let along guide and mold me. No structure between us. There are many empty promises and I’ll be there for You baby that never happened. 

One of the first things You told me You wanted of me and would take care of it was the gym. I was excited You wanted this and I needed it to get my stamina and clear mind back. That still has not been done. There was the piece for my tv that was on its way so it could be fixed that never showed there was my birthday that You didn’t show to either. You’re secretive, but yet I’m not allowed to keep any secrets or otherwise away from You. I must be open and honest with You about my life, past, present and future. You made so many promises to me that have not been kept. 

My heart hurts, my mind wanders. You had several keys from your collars on your key ring and I never understood why You still had them and next to mine. You fixed this after bringing this up to You. Thank You Master, that was a step in the right direction. 

I always wonder why I’m not good enough to treat me the way You did before. I’ve been patient, I’ve been here for awhile and things should be growing, pushing limits, becoming a better person for us 

What I’ve gotten in return for this is plans that are canceled. Never getting to see You and being lonely and unwanted so much. 

Where did I go wrong here?  Where did things change?  Why did the change. Going from someone who made me feel important, to someone who is not. 

A little to much 

I just miss You Master. It’s getting hard without You anymore 

My Master has the best slave❣


So a few months back I bought a roll of leather at the thrift store thinking I could use it for something since I’m pretty crafty and it was super cheap. A score of a deal. When I knew my Master was the one I knew exactly what I wanted to do with part of it. 

Today I wanted to occupy my time as to not think about my Master so much.  I decided to do some crafting and made this paddle for MY Master. 

Believe it or not, I was so focused the whole time I was making this it helped big time. I know I was making it for MY Master, but I didn’t want to mess it up at all so it would be perfect for my Master. The whole 8 hours I worked on this. 

I did wood burning for the backwards Master, and it’s pretty deep into the wood. Put it up to a mirror and it reads Master the correct way. The other side has memory foam with leather wrapped around the other side and upholstery tacks line the outside of the paddle. 

It doesn’t seem like much, but i am proud of myself. I did a kick ass job on it. It turned out better than I thought it would.  I impress myself 

Owned, but not collared… yet!!!

8/22~ I can’t believe I’ll be 40 when I wake up. 

This weekend Sur became my Master and I his slave. No he did not collar me, but that’s because Master says the beautiful collar he bought hasn’t come yet. 

This a new life, something I never knew I wanted but deep down I always have. Master has made me smile almost everyday. Yes I miss him a lot because I don’t get to see him often and he lives pretty close. However that time I have gotten, he has somehow gotten me. Kneeling before Sir this weekend I knew when he looked into my eyes and held my hair tightly in his hand who I belonged to, who owns me at that moment sir became my Master. 

Thank you Master for your patience, teaching and guidance. I’ve come a long way for You. Thank you for making me happy and I can’t wait to spend my birthday with You. 

I’ve been afraid of changing 

8/19~shitty day today. At least I get some solace in this 
Fleetwood Mac: Landslide

A Subs Soulmate


I did not write yesterday as I was with Sir last night FINALLY. Today I woke up feeling like I failed sir again. I hate the feeling I am carrying around today. My Sir means so much and I know in an instant that can all end. 

Sir and I had our second real night of being together sexually. After almost 2 hours of play, sucking and fucking Sir has still not came for me. Sir did play with my breasts for the first time. He is also teaching me to cum on command. There is no “I can’t” only “Yes Sir”. Sir wrapped his strong hands around my neck for the first time and controled my breathing, becoming the source of my breaths.  Sir wrapped his hands hard. Sir looks into my eyes as he does this and I know this is not to hurt me, but become Sir’s, my breaths, my will to be his. Sir made me look into his eyes opened my mouth as his sweat drips in my face and pours into my mouth.  I taste Sir’s sweat, I see Sir’s want, I see Sir’s need. Need to show me to trust him, need to collar me, need to make me his slave.  Sucking Sir’s cock last night and sucking on his balls I looked up at him into his eyes and I don’t do that all the time as I can be shy of looking direct into his eyes. This I think pleases Sir. Sir makes me feel beautiful and sexy even when I don’t believe it sometimes myself sometimes. Let’s face it a woman gets that way sometimes. Even knowing he’s dated strippers, and I am far from a stripper more earthy type than flashy. Sir still makes me feel like I’m beautiful and his sexy slut. 
Sir has opened my mind and my eyes to something different.  Sir is completely different to what I thought a Sir or Master would be. Yes Sir is who I will live for, Sir is who I will put first and this is by choice. My thoughts and fears of a Master/slave relationship where nothing but a scared person thinking it was weak women and yes this is the case in some, but as Sir says he wants a strong woman. A atring woman can handle a let more. He tells me at times I need to be strong as we delve deeper into the M/s relationship. There will be times when my strength will get me through things. Sir kisses me lovingly when he leaves me to rest and get some sleep. 

Sir has shown me nothing but respect and the way he looks at me when we’re in the car or at dinner or lying in bed. He has this look in his eyes that mesmerizes me that makes me want to be alive inside, be better, be his all, be his slave. Sir is completely different than anyone I’ve ever been in a relationship with. Not just because he is a black man, but he’s such an intelligent man, he’s a sensual man, he’s a strong man, he’s a leader, he’s a hustler a go getter. He takes care of to many sometimes so much so it takes away from him. It takes away from us. 

Sir and I were supposed to be together tonight as Thursday’s are our regular nights and I leave town for 3 days and will not see him. He canceled. This is very disappointing to me. I was so afraid I had disappointed Sir last night and this Norwich let me know he was not and we will get there. This warmed my heart and pussy. 

Sir I want this, Sir I need this, Sir I’ve come to realize who I want to belong to and who I want to be collared by. 

I can’t wait for mine and Sir’s “ceramony” to be collared by You to be yours mind, body and soul. 

Finding the right Sir 

Finding peace in my mind and body is what I seek Sir. 

It seems we all want to find our “Perfect Dom”.  Hell I think we all want to find that perfect person wether being in a vanilla or D/s relationship. 

The questions, the doubt, the excitement of knowing they’re out there. 

The questions:                                   Are there any left that are not jerks, fakes, losers, that allow me to be me and learn and explore territories I’ve never experienced or explored? 

The ache in me to allow myself to admit I want to submit to You. It’s hard being a proud woman and admitting I will submit and become the submissive slut You want and seek. 

I’m happy to say I have found him. Yes there will be lots of training, yes there will be lots of thoughts good and bad within my own mind. Seeing as I’ve never dove so deep into a D/s relationship that’s 24/7 there will be lots or learning on my end. I’m scared and excited all at the same time. Getting used to having my every move reported.  This is all so fast for me as I’m not the one who usually lets my guard down or even jump into things with a partner, I usually take things slow, very slow. However I’ve never had someone capture my mind in the process the way Sir has.

Yes I know I may forget little things here and there, and know discipline will start coming with that. I will do my best and dig deeper to make my best even better for my Sir. 

Sir is an extremely busy man and as he says has choose my to be his sexy sub. I cherish our time together. I can do this Sir, I can and will be your everything You know I can be for You. I’m a very happy sub making the choice to submit fully to You.  Sir knows I need patience as this has been said from the beginning. Sir caught my mind before my body. I lets my walls down and allowed myself to open up to him. I’m ready Sir, I am ready to submit fully to You and I’m ready to be happy with You. 

Chocolate surprise



She does what she was told and kneels down on the cool hardwood floor of the living room. He slides forward oh the seat of his chair. 

“Kiss me” he utters holding his erection. She glance up at him from between his legs, he runs his tongue over his top teeth. 

It’s arousing, very arousing to see his desire his naked desire for her and her mouth. 

Leaning forward her eyes on his she kisses the tip of his massive erection. She watches him inhale sharply, clinch his teeth with eyes closed as he commands her to take him all the way.  She does as she is told. He wants more grabs her hair and fucks her mouth until he explodes deep in her mouth making her take all of him, all of his cum not wasting a drop. She looks up at him smiles and says thank You Sir.

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